What Are The Reasons For A Leak In The Roof?

We all dream of living in that perfect house someday with our families. What happens when that dream home gives you sleepless nights because of leaking roofs? How will you handle a situation where you constantly have to run around with a bucket just to prevent your floor from getting wet? It only damages your floor but also becomes a threat to those who are living in the house as anyone could slip and fall. Prevention is better than cure! This is where we all should begin. We must always look at any possible reason that could be causing these leakages in your roof and take necessary action.


Out of the many things related to your roof that has the tendency to get cracked are the flashings. What are the flashings? Typically these are made out of metal and relatively thin in thickness. They can be found in shingles and in joints of the roof. The purpose of this is to create certain barriers to water related problems. When a crack occurs in such a flashing, your roof will become vulnerable to leaks making the water resistant feature dysfunctional. Therefore, if you notice such a crack, it is advisable to take necessary action as soon as possible.

Broken Shingles

Spotting this is perhaps the easiest thing for you to do when compared to examining other aspects of your roof for any damages. The primary reason for this statement is that when a shingle goes missing, it can easily be spotted by the different colour on your roof. In fact, you might even find them on your garden after a really bad storm. Therefore, if you are planning to do roof tile repairs be sure that you do not miss any missing shingle that requires replacement.

Sealing Issues

Sometimes, certain bugs in the roof can actually found at the point of roof gutter cleaning. Unless there is no external leak, the other time that people can actually notice a bug is at a point like such. If your roof has points where two areas come together it is likely that improper sealing at that very position is what is causing the leak. Therefore, you must ensure that a close eye is kept on these details when it is being fixed.

Installation of Skylight

Adding skylights to your house adds more colour to its surrounding. However, it is also quite a hassle during the seasons of heavy rains as leakages might occur through this spot. However, it will not be too difficult for you to spot such a point as there will be wet spots and constant need of getting down buckets.

Keep yourself updated on the status of your roof to avoid any inconveniences.