Control And Maintenance Of Playground Safety

Playground safety

Playgrounds are the fun home for children. They are designed and constructed in physically and visually appealing way for younger and adults. However, sue to excessive physical activities conducted in playgrounds some precautionary measures are necessary to maintain. For this purpose, playground safety in Australia is a main concern. It is the duty and responsibility of the contractor to construct a safe playground equipment to avoid any accident. Thus, during playing and enjoyment safety must not be compromised and ignored.

Maintenance of playground safety

Safety is the priority to conduct and maintain while carrying out any activity. Kids move freely in the playgrounds during riding, swinging, climbing, running etc. which sometimes is not good for their own safety. Similarly, playground safety is equally important to maintain. This requires additional external supervision and children teaching. Adult supervision is one such mandatory factor that must be practiced to avoid sudden accidental situations. Playground safety can also be retained via having a thorough inspection of the faulty and improper surfaces, breakable objects, vulnerable rides and swings etc. The most common way a child can get hurt is through swinging or running injuries. Therefore, one should always leave their back packs, bikes and other personal stuffs away from the playground so that no body trips over them. This is one of the most basic rules for maintaining playground safety.

The job for a constant check and balance in the playground goes from the owner to creator and the user of the playing equipment. Good structural designing, use of high quality protective equipment, hiring of a playground consultant or supervisor is helpful for keeping the areas safe and secure. Thus, a complete personal and professional responsibility can work for the improvement in playground safety.

Safe playground equipment

There are many organization and construction companies that are the first one when it comes to assessing the playground location, safe playground equipment and risk management liabilities. Their main goal is to achieve and provide customers with services that are reliable and sustainable for a good a healthy playing atmosphere in the ground. Few are the mandatory steps mostly conducted in every playground for safety purposes

  • Park site inspection
  • Look for the playing equipment being installed
  • Check and estimate the construction, maintenance, replacement and repair expenses
  • Hire a consultant and guard for a full time service
  • Must arrange some rule and regulations for safe playground equipment
  • Seesaw, rides, swings, slides safety is important, as these equipment are in constant use
  • Teach the children about the playground guidelines to make them aware of the security

Safe playground equipment can also be maintained by observing and looking over the activities being carried in the ground. Avoid using equipment when wet as it can be dangerous because of slippery conditions. Always wear protective devices like helmets and pads when playing. The playground administration must have a contact with a doctor for emergency situations.


Playground safety is basic right of children having fun over there. To maintain a safe playing environment, there should be a set of rules to apply along with some initial training for children. In addition to it, safe playground equipment is another important aspect to inspect. The equipment must be in good form without any improper surfaces so that safe activities are able to continue.